How To Take Great Photos of Korean Dishes

Korean food is simply to die for, with foods like Kimchi having been around for 2000 years. CNN Travel ranked Top 40 Korean dishes in late 2018 and the great photos coupled with food descriptions highlight the unique cuisine. Whether it’s Sagyeopsal, Tteokbokki, Gopchang or the well-known Chimaek, Korean food truly stands out High-quality Food photography may be the final decision making factor for a true food connoisseur That’s why you need great food photos to ensure that the dishes stand out. Whether it be food magazines, websites or food blogs the final reason to taste or prepare a dish is made because of great photos.

Let’s take the example of Chimaek, a cuisine which combines Korean-styled fried chicken and beer. Consumed by millions of Koreans especially on weekends, the dish has gained remarkable popularity. The acronym KFC coincidentally alludes to a well-known fast food chain that serves the same food. Korean style fried chicken has many forms and it has gained global recognition since 2010.

However, what’s the best way to capture images of Korean dishes? There are genuine concerns about photo quality, inadequate lighting, blurry images etc. that may destroy valuable photos and waste your time In order to make the dishes look very delicious, you just have to use Casey Neistat tripod to avoid blurred photos and substandard outcomes. Image stability is very important otherwise you cannot capture the subtle details that really bring the food to life. In case you don’t know, Casey Neistat is a famous Vlogger and you might have seen his videos or picture on YouTube etc. The Casey Neistat tripod is guaranteed to provide great photos of dishes like Korean-style fried chicken. The tripod has a unique look because it has octopus-like legs that have the ability to attach to any surface. It’s made with several ball joints and can hold large cameras while allowing flexibility of movement.

How can this particular tripod help capture the perfect images of Korean-style fried chicken? The main functions are shared below:
1) To get a better POV perspective, the tripod can be extended and therefore you can record content from a distance. Thus, you can zoom in and take the high quality of your favorite fried chicken.
2) The versatility factor is very important and therefore you can take moving pictures of food whether you are indoor or outdoor.
3) Travel-friendly is definitely on top of the list as the tripod easily fits into a backpack due to its lightweight feature. Therefore, whether it’s an outdoor shoot or you are in a kitchen you can ensure great food photos.
4) Korean-style fried chicken photographed using the Casey Neistat tripod will make sure that you avoid blurred photos and achieve great images.

The photo quality will make the dishes look delicious and entice people to consume it Korean style fried chicken had 20,000 eateries in South Korea in 2013. To make sure that this trend is replicated throughout the world, the food images must be high quality to make sure that people fall in love with the food at first sight.