Best Night Out Ever – Korean Chicken and Foosball

When you’re already a college student, and parties aren’t exactly your niche, birthday plans seem a lot different than when you were 6 years old. I’m all for drinking, but I would very much like to remember my birthday. So, my friends and I just head over to our favorite Korean restaurant for dinner – food, drinks, karaoke, foosball, and great company – what more could I ask for?

If you’ve never had Korean food, you are missing out my friend. From spicy ramen to Korean chicken, and various dishes in between, Koreans can always guarantee to satisfy their customers. My favorite place is a local restaurant in Baguio City, Philippines called Camping Date, and my favorite dish is a platter of Boneless Redkiss chicken. It’s an amazing combination of sweet and spicy that makes you forget that McDonald chicken nuggets even exist.

But dinner isn’t where the fun stops. Right across the street, we head over to a karaoke bar with more to do than just singing your favorite tunes while tipsy. Our favorite part is the Foosball tables that bring out our fun and competitive sides. You’re probably asking yourself – what is Foosball? Well, if you like soccer, billiards, and air hockey, you might enjoy playing Foosball too. Foosball is a table-top game that is loosely based on soccer. Picture a mini soccer pitch on top of a billiards table. Then you have metal sticks along with the table, with little soccer players attached to them. The goal of the game is simple, use the knobs to control your soccer players and try to score the ball into your opponent’s goal. Simple! All the fun of playing a real soccer game, without any of the actual runnings.

After one intense game, my friends and I already found ourselves online, searching for a Foosball table of our own. We narrowed it down to one of the best available on the online market, the Tornado Tournament 3000. This Foosball table can be found for a fairly affordable price on Amazon, and it comes in black, silver, and red. We kind of knew we were getting ahead of ourselves, buying a Foosball table after just one game, but that’s how much fun we had. When it arrived, we were very satisfied with our purchase. There was no doubt about it because there was nothing but excellent reviews on Amazon. It came mostly assembled, all we really had to do was attach the legs and we were all set. My friends and I were most concerned about the strength of the knobs and little soccer figurines because we can get into an extremely intense game, and we needed this to last in the long run. So far, we have yet to be disappointed. The poles were stainless steel, so they could withstand the intense shock of excited players. The knobs are comfortable to hold, and incredibly durable. Another thing that was guaranteed was the preciseness of the hits and blocks of the little soccer players -whether you are a pro player or a newbie like we were, this Foosball table is perfect for all.

We purchased the Foosball table as a group, so it was meant for us all. However, as per the comedic maturity of my friends, when the table finally arrived, they bought me some Korean chicken, saying that was my birthday present. Who am I kidding? Friends, foosball, and Korean chicken – the perfect gift ever!