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Korean Foods You Must Know

This Korean fried chicken dish gets prepared by marinating the chicken in soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and others before getting fried twice. After frying, you’ll apply the same spices used in the marinade. It’s a famous dish in American bars and restaurants.

  1. Indonesian Ayam Goreng
  2. Brazilan Frango a Passarinho
  3. Japanese Chicken Karaage
  4. American South, etc.

Why a Steam Mop is Beneficial to Korean Restaurants

Operating a restaurant need a high level of hygiene to ensure that the quality if the food being served is worth for human consumption. However, there are always problems when it comes to cleaning Korean restaurants basing in mind that their menu includes various ingredients like kimchi. Such ingredients are an environmental risk when they fall or splash in the floor for the customer may not be impressed with the stains on your floors. As a result of this, using a steam mop can prove to be very important in the following ways.

No use of cleaning detergents When dealing with a steam mop, one will not need to use some complicated cleaning detergents which may have a bad smell for customers who are allergic to that particular smell. The clean mops are very effective as they will be able to eliminate the stains on the restraint floor without the use of any harsh chemical or artificial fragrances.

The floors dry instantly. When dealing with a restaurant when there are so many customers, always expect spillage on the floors. This can come from the ingredients used in making Korean food or any other thing. The good thing is that you will not need to tell your customers to hold on until the floor dries. When you use a steam mop, it will take seconds for the floor surface to dry which make it very effective in Korean restaurants.

No need for crawling below the table to clear the mess. A steam mop is quite effective and can save on time as well as increasing the efficiency. This mob allows you to clean all the restaurant floor without having to crawl down on the floor trying to scrub the stains on the floor tiles. This ensures the restaurant is kept neat and clean without interrupting customers.

Kills all the germs. Steam mop makes use of steam that comes from the boiling water. As we said hygiene is very crucial in the restaurants, the mob will help you to attain this. There may be many microorganisms walking on the restaurant floor and they may be a health risk to the customers. Steam mop help to kill all the germs and make the environment favorable for all your customers, no more sickness

No dirtier water. This mop has really proven to be helpful in several scenarios. They are designed with multiple surface functions that allow you to clean the restaurant without having to leave any dirt or water spillage on the surfaces. You will also not need to carry water in and out of the restaurant for the customers may not be happy seeing you moving with dirty water after you mop.

List of the best-rated steam mops in the market

  1. BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro
  2. Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro
  3. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S39730)
  4. Mop X55- in-1 Cleaning Machine with Steamer by H2O
  5. Haan Swift Sanitizing Steam Mop
  6. Reliable Steamboy 300CU 3-in-1 Steam and Scrub Mop

Having checked on how important steam mop can be to Korean restaurants; you should know that delicious food is not enough to convince consumers to come back to your restaurant but also its cleanliness. So, while you’re at it, fulfill every aspect there is to maintain consumers.