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About Us

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MONO-MONO is a one-of-a-kind food educational platform that exposes you to the tasty world of fried chicken. Here, we educate members and fellow cooking enthusiasts on the different recipes and frying techniques from several parts of the world they can adopt in preparing chicken.

We’re an entity that perfectly understands the diversity in taste and preferences of individuals when it comes to preparing dishes. To this end, we ensure to explore fried chicken cooking methods from various nationalities and cultures.

Started in 2011 by two Italian brothers, Leonardo Alberto and Alessandro Aberto, in New York, this platform has helped several people, including professional chefs, restaurant owners, grilled food enthusiasts, and regular individuals, to learn the art of preparing fried chicken. We’re all about teaching you quick and easy recipes that you can share with friends and family. Our techniques get tailored in a way that makes it easy for every reader to grasp and implement.

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Our Team

Our team, composed of professional chefs, stay-at-home moms, and kitchen freaks, is always available to provide answers to your questions and help you get things right. The recipes and cooking techniques we’ll be sharing are those drawn from various cultures and nationalities from different parts of the world.