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Almost everyone loves fried chicken. What’s not to like, anyway? Is it the crispy, tasty, juicy meat that fills your mouth with savory flavors or the feeling of treating yourself to a well-prepared dish? Fried chicken is one of the favorite meals you can find in virtually every country – Korea, Hawaii, Southern America, Japan, Israel, etc. These are places known for their unique love for fried chicken.

However, one peculiar fact about these locations is that they all have their unique techniques and native seasonings for preparing their fried chicken dish. As if that isn’t enough, professional chefs and home cooks from various cities worldwide continue to contribute their unique methods to the cooking and frying styles.

At MONO-MONO NYC, we bring all these styles, recipes, and techniques to our members to explain how chicken gets fried in other cultures and nationalities. It also allows them to enjoy diverse flavors and tastes of fried chicken and choose from the one that suits them the most. Besides these, we teach the various techniques, styles, and recipes they can adopt in preparing the dish. We also provide tips built around how you can always enjoy fried chicken.